Preview of the monitoring dashboard
Preview of the health report

Actionable Insights

Observability is powerful when it lets development, Ops and IT teams to take actions.

Rather than letting teams build and browse through complex data charts, Blackfire points out precise issues in the application and suggests resolution options.

Better: it offers that information in production and proactively in development, test and staging, throughout development iterations.

They observe & control their application’s performance with Blackfire:

Profiling in production, development, test/staging

Blackfire’s unique profiling technology collect function-call-level metrics that let developers understand exactly how their code behaves.

Through time-sequence and behavioral visualizations, analyse how code consumes time, memory and network. Find slow SQL queries and HTTP requests.

Collect such metrics from your live production site, then reproduce measurements on local machines. Iterate and compare iterations to validate code changes.

Profiling illustration showing available tools: command line, PHP, or browser extension
Profiling illustration showing available tools: command line, PHP, or browser extension

3xLoad time decrease for

1monthFaster time to market for

20xMore orders simultaneously for

100%More proactive performance validation before production release

Photo of Marcin Czarnecki

“ Blackfire's continuous observability solution is empowering. Our teams can make early discoveries with the monitoring. Improvements in the code are based on the precise and detailed information collected while profiling parts of the applications. Then, by writing efficient performance tests and plugging them with our CI/CD pipeline, we avoid regressions of already known performance issues. ”

Marcin Czarnecki
Backend Chapter Lead at and Tech Lead for GOG Store