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Blackfire is a business, awarded as market leader by G2, acquired Blackfire in July 2021.

This acquisition lets accelerate their vision and offer a cutting-edge Observability Suite to their customers, together with their existing Infrastructure Metrics.

Blackfire will still be available, actively maintained, and evolving with new features for all customers—no matter where they host or use it. more than hosting

A polyglot, multicloud PaaS, with continuous deployment built in.

No application re-architecture required.

At we believe your code should just run. Monoliths? Microservices? Stateful? Stateless? Develop and deliver them all with consistent tools.

Build in almost any language or framework, including PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, Golang, Ruby, Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Django, React, and Angular. Mix and match microservices within projects, and process data with built-in worker support.

Blackfire, key Observability tool on

Blackfire is the only Application Performance Mangement tool on the market which offers both a Monitoring and a Profiling solution, complementing each other.

Thanks to the native integration on, benefit from the full power of Blackfire, verify code performance and avoid any regression while developing your application.

Once in production, get unrivalled, actionable performance reports which don't just let you know something is going wrong. They tell you when, where and why. And they give you resolution options.