Code Performance Testing in CI/CD

Validate the Performance of your Code Changes,

Right from your Existing CI/CD Suites.

Proactively Verify and Validate Code Performance

You should not fire-fight performance issues in production. Performance should be tested, like any feature.

Integrate the power of Blackfire Profiler within your CI/CD pipelines, and verify if your code meets your performance budget.

Benefit from advanced integrations with PHPUnit, Symfony Functional Tests, and Behat.

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Controlling a Performance Budget

Blackfire gathers a lot of data about how your code behaves at runtime: wall-clock time, I/O, CPU, memory, number of calls to a given function, number of SQL queries and their execution time, and many others.

Blackfire Assertions enable you to set a performance budget for your code. Whenever you profile your application, Blackfire will let you know if one of those assertions fails, and therefore if your code exceeds your budget.

Better than that, Blackfire offers a set of predefined assertions: recommendations. Those best practices will directly help you pinpoint issues in your code.

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Synthetic User Monitoring

Validating code change before releasing to production is very powerful. But more issues may arise once the code is in production.

Blackfire's flexible testing framework and set of tools let you trigger testing whenever, and wherever you need. Webhooks, Synthetic User Monitoring, and native integrations make it a breeze to get alerted if something goes wrong.

Thanks to the Blackfire Player, play robust scenarios, crawl HTTP services, assert responses, and extract data from HTML/XML/JSON responses.

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