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Your performance watchtower: overseeing application health 24/7

Continuous profiling is a multi-dimensional performance optimization technique where web applications are monitored and profiled in real-time.

Lightweight and scalable, it's tailored for holistic application oversight.

Make data-driven decisions to optimize performance

Make informed strategic decisions based on comprehensive observability data. Your team can focus its efforts where they will be most effective.

Low overhead & holistic observability

Continuous profiling is the intermittent collection of observability data on all running activities for an application or a server. It provides rich information about the contribution to all the available dimensions with an insignificant overhead.

They observe & control their application's performance with Blackfire:

You can't optimize what you can't observe

Identifying the root causes of slowdowns, managing resource allocation efficiently, and preventing downtime are critical.

Without clear visibility into application behavior, these challenges can seem insurmountable, leading to poor performance and rising costs.

Stop firefighting

Are you frustrated by firefighting performance issues during critical times?

The dread of customer complaints about slow service and the constant pressure to optimize operations can be exhausting. These challenges impact operations and demoralize teams stuck in a reactive mode.

Unlock deeper insights across your applications

Blackfire continuous profiler highlights the most resource-intensive parts of your applications. It empowers developers and engineering teams to pinpoint performance bottlenecks on all available dimensions swiftly.

Blackfire continuous profiler enables precise resource utilization and system behavior diagnosis, facilitating proactive improvements and strategic decision-making.

Improve the performance of your applications today!

Experience the power of real-time performance insights and maximize your efficiency with Blackfire Continuous Profiler.