Blackfire.io makes it possible to write performance tests, automate test scenarios, and drill down to the finest details whenever performance issues arise. Teams can collaborate on performance testing in all environments: development, testing, staging, and production.

Performance Testing

Blackfire.io helps you make sure you never let your app's load times frustrate a user.
You can thoroughly test your code according to your business logic.


Assertions act as acceptance criteria when profiling. Write tests intuitively and check your app's performance.

Built-in metrics

Blackfire.io recognizes and supports a wide range of libraries. Use it in assertions to built tests according to your stack.

Custom metrics

Push testing to the next step: build your metrics, based on your proprietary code. Create non-regression tests.


Collaborate with your team by profiling and testing shared resources and reviewing results in collaborative workspaces.


Configure environments according to your workflows and infrastructure with specific tests and dedicated workspaces.

SaaS & On Premise

Blackfire.io is offered as Software as a Service, or installed on your premises, with support all mainstream platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows. Check the full list of distributions here.

Performance Profiling

Gather detailed performance metrics from your code's execution, and visualize them in Blackfire.io interactive call graphs. Find bottlenecks in the blink of an eye and check the impact of your changes by comparing iterations in development, staging, and production servers.

Time, memory, and more

Blackfire gathers profiling data on Time, CPU, I/O Wait, Memory, Network calls, HTTP requests, and SQL queries.

Production ready

Profiling is done on demand. The only request showing overhead is the one being profiled, only for the profiling session. No other session or request is impacted. You can safely use Blackfire on production servers.


Profiling can be requested either via our CLI utility or with an intuitive Chrome Extension. Trigger profiles as you browse through your app!

Call graphs

Our state-of-the-art call graphs show only the most relevant information by default. Identify bottlenecks in the blink of an eye.


Check the impact of your changes by comparing two profiles. Differences are displayed directly via our call-graphs.

Performance Management Automation

Automate testing and improve your app's performance continuously, in all environments. Integrate performance management seamlessly in your existing workflows and tools.


Schedule test scenarios at specific times, or based on third parties services events (PR deploy,...)


Be notified directly in our usual tools when a Blackfire build report is available. Or decide not to be bugged as long as everything is green.

Tests reports

Review in detail your tests scenarios reports, showing by default the failed tests.

Native integrations

Interface with select third party services in a few clicks and get powerful integrations and automation.


Trigger Blackfire profiling and builds directly from your code and third party libraries.


Integrate Blackfire with any other third party service.

Performance Recommendations

Blackfire Recommendations provide best practices teams can learn from our performance experts. Integrated into any profiling or performance testing session, recommendations are prompted according to your framework and the environment you are profiling (development, test/staging, production). Fully documented, they tell your team what to improve at first and teach them how to avoid performance bottlenecks.


Recommendations are the first thing you should be looking at when having a performance issue.

Best Practices

All of our recommendations are built on the expertise of performance experts.


Blackfire's extensive documentation tells you everything about the best practice, how to fix the issue, and provides links to additional external resources.


Performance management and strategies differ from development to production configurations. Blackfire knows that and gives you appropriate recommendations.


Blackfire automatically detects your framework (Magento, Drupal, Symfony,...) to give you appropriate recommendations.


Simply copy/paste the recommendation to your .blackfire.yaml to make it a non-regression test.