Blackfire is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing toolset and processes. Have it installed by default at your hosting provider, trigger testing from your CI tools, be notified of build results in your team chat.

Programming Languages

Blackfire is available for various popular programming languages. You can even mix them up using Distributed Profiling, and profile any service your application interacts with.

Hosting and platforms

Blackfire is installed by default on various hosting providers and Platforms as a Service. A simple configuration and you're good to go.

Benefit from advanced integrations automating even further your performance testing cycles with partners such as

Configuration Management

Blackfire can be configured via popular configuration management tools. We officially maintain Docker and a Chef recipe (as we are using it at Blackfire). More integrations are available in open source communities.

Contact us if you built your own, and would like to be listed here!

Git repository management

Whenever your infrastructure enables you to deploy git branches, Blackfire can run tests on the deployed environments, and feedback to your git repository management tool on the commit status. Did your tests pass or fail?

Never let a commit be merged without having the keys to decide.

Continuous Integration services

Using during your continuous integration workflow is a best practice in application management. Blackfire natively supports integrations with popular continuous integration platforms to ease testing and validation of the performance of your app.

PHP Testing suites

Blackfire lets developers write tests on stable metrics that are related to the root causes of performance issues instead of time. Using such metrics in a unit test suite is a powerful option.

Add Blackfire tests directly into your testing suite with our PHP SDK.

Instant messaging

Benefit from advanced integrations automating even further your performance testing cycles with partners such as

Application Performance Management

Blackfire provides un-equaled code introspection capacities to help you improve the performance of your app. It is then even more powerful when coupled with other performance management tools, which will focus on other aspects of the end-to-end application performance management (Real-User Monitoring, infrastructures, CDN,...).


Blackfire works for any PHP or Python code. For some frameworks, the Blackfire team and Blackfire Solution Partners have created specific performance recommendations, which will be prompted only if your code is based on those frameworks.