Blackfire Contributor

The Blackfire Contributor label is awarded web agencies, software editors or individuals who contributed to Blackfire by creating new framework-specific performance recommendations, which now benefit to the whole community.

Label awards

The Blackfire Contributor label is awarded to those who successfully:

  • Created new, framework-wide assertions which entire communities can benefit from;
  • Wrote the documentation to guide Blackfire users through the recommendation;
  • Passed our review and tests!

We are proud to share their names below.

Blackfire Contributors


Monsieur Biz is a french web agency that works mainly with PHP frameworks, with specific expertise on Symfony. They usually work with Magento and Sylius, since they specialized in e-commerce applications.

They contributed to Blackfire by writing recommendations for a large number of clients.


Groupe Smile is a leading agency working with Open Source technologies and communities. They have solid expertise in Symfony, Drupal and Magento.

Their Ukrainian team (ex-Adyax) contributed to Blackfire by adding an improving Drupal 8 performance recommendations.

Agence DnD

Agence DnD is a french Magento expert agency working for some of the most prestigious french brands. They thrive on using cutting-edge technologies to deliver better shops, faster.

Alexandre Jardin

Alexandre is a Cluster Owner at Emakina. He has been working for years within the PHP ecosystem, building Magento and Symfony applications.

He contributed to Blackfire’s performance recommendations for Magento.

Susanne Moog

Susanne has been part of the TYPO3 project for the last ten years. She works at team neusta and at TYPO3 GmbH mainly as a scrum master and “development coach”.

Learn more about her Typo3 Performance Recommendations

Evolving Web

Evolving Web is a Montreal-based team of Drupal experts. They provide consulting, development, and training services.

Learn more about their Drupal 7 Performance Recommendations
Learn more about their Drupal 8 Performance Recommendations


Ibexa DXP software empowers businesses to offer their customers industry-leading online experiences.

Learn more about their Ibexa Performance Recommendations