Blackfire for Magento

Make sure customers don't abandon their carts. Blackfire helps developers optimize Magento shops performance, from development to production.

The Magento & PHP Code is the first thing you should be looking at.

From an online shop's servers to the customer, many things can go wrong when it comes to displaying web content in the blink of an eye.

You should definitely care about the front-end performance, use CDNs and caching strategies. But this is only hiding dust under the carpet if the back-end code is slow.

Blackfire is a Profiler. It is a tool for back-end developers to measure code performance, and find fixes & optimizations.

What is a Profiler?

A solution for Magento web agencies

creativestyle reported speeding up time-to-market by one month for thanks to Blackfire on Magento Cloud.

121eCommerce measured a 50% decrease in diagnosing time and costs by using Blackfire to anticipate problems before they occur.

Blackfire supports Magento agencies in building fast shops scratch, or audit and improve existing shop's performance, for any Magento version (1, 2, CE and EE).

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Blackfire on Magento Cloud

Blackfire is fully integrated on Magento Cloud.

As a Magento Cloud customer, you benefit from the best-in-class profiling SaaS. Our robust integrations enable to test the performance of your Magento shop's code at each code iteration and every time your deploy to staging and production.

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