Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor in real-time how your application performance impacts your users in production.

Get actionable reports to build faster code.

Supported languages:

Actionable Health Reports

Blackfire's unique profiling and monitoring technologies are combined to offer what you always missed: actionable reports, rather than bare metrics.

In the blink of an eye, identify issues, and get fixes and optimizations recommendations.

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Live Performance Metrics from Production

Install Blackfire and seamlessly monitor the performance your users perceive.

Identify the most impactful parts of your code. Correlate issues with external events. Get down to the root cause and find code optimizations.

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Monitoring and Profiling. The Best of the Two Worlds.

Monitoring is a lightweight performance measurement technique that requires no action from developers and warns you if ever something goes wrong.

Blackfire Monitoring is fully integrated with Blackfire Profiler. Profiling enables developers to dig down to the root cause of performance issues in the code.

Implement a full performance management strategy, with Monitoring, Testing, and Profiling. Never let your users notice performance issues before you fix them.

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Early Bird Subscriptions

Blackfire Monitoring Early Bird Subscriptions are available to Premium and Enterprise subscribers and only support PHP for now.

Such subscriptions are billed monthly, depending on the monitored traffic, and will sunset when Blackfire Monitoring reaches General Availability.

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