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Not your usual APM.

Application Performance Monitoring tools are quite common nowadays. They are very different from Profilers - and they are complementary.

APMs gather performance metrics from real traffic on production. To avoid impacting the real end-users (with an "overhead"), they cannot gather too many back-end code metrics.

Blackfire Profiler's automatic instrumentation technology avoids any overhead on end-user traffic. Better, it is built for developers to measure and improve code anywhere it is deployed.

Build faster code by measuring its performance across iterations in development. Validate code changes in test/staging. Fix issues by measuring in production, where it all happens.

Continuous Performance Optimization

On-demand profiling is great for ironing out a specific issue. But performance should be seen as a feature. It should be tested as such.

Blackfire offers a wide range of profiling automations and integrations, so that across deployments in production, or code iterations in testing, you can verify if your application performs as expected.

Get the most out of automations with Blackfire's detection of performance, security and quality issues, and related optimization recommendations.