Blackfire Profiler for Python

Profile and understand Python code's behavior and performance.

Build faster applications.

Python Code Performance Profiling

A profiler is a tool which measures how some code consumes resources at run-time. It enables to find performance bottlenecks and understand the code's behavior.

Blackfire Profiler for Python enables to profile Python applications during development, as well as in test and production environments.

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A zero footprint profiler

Deterministic profilers usually require to instrument manually the code that you want to profile. That usually rules out using them on production, as it will generate an overhead, slowing down the end-user experience. Many free tools also require to install multiple components in order to start profiling, and then display profiles in a user interface.

Blackfire makes developer's life easier:

  • Enabling to install and visualize profiles under 10 minutes
  • By requiring no code change in dev and no need to remove instrumentation before releasing to production
  • By having no impact on end-users on production

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A Profiler for all Python Applications

Profile web applications, APIs, CLIs, daemons. Blackfire's browser extensions, Command Line Interface and SDK give you full flexibility on profiling any sort of Python code.

Blackfire Profiler works with any Python code (2.7.x and 3.x). Extra features enhance the support for given frameworks, such as Django.

Blackfire Profiler for Python is currently in Public Beta. We'll be adding new features on a regular basis.

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