Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate User Visits on your Site

and Find Performance Issues Before They Do.

Reproducing Issues in Production

There's nothing worse than an application which "runs on my machine", for which users experience issues on the live version.

Blackfire's profiling-based synthetic monitoring lets you simulate and verify regularly a given set of actions or path an end-user would take on your site.

Thanks to the Blackfire Player, play robust scenarios, crawl HTTP services, assert responses, and extract data from HTML/XML/JSON responses.

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Profiling-based Synthetic Monitoring

As a profiler, Blackfire captures way more metrics and insights than traditional APMs.

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Reproduce on Local Machines for Quicker Optimization Iterations

Blackfire's unique technology enables developers to reproduce synthetic monitoring scenarios on their development machines, as well as in any test/CI/CD pipeline.

Before the new version of the code is deployed to production, compare and validate code iterations, and avoid new regressions.

Blackfire is built for production, test, staging, and development. It supports PHP, Python, and Go.

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