Request a free subscription for your Open Source project

Are you a maintainer or a contributor of an open-source project? We offer free Blackfire Profiler subscriptions to help Open Source project maintainers build performant code.

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Application requirements

We’re happy to consider offering free subscriptions to Open Source project maintainers, within the following conditions:

  • The project(s) must meet the Open Source definition;
  • The project(s) are in active development, i.e. new code commits are submitted regularly within the past 3 months;
  • The project maintainers do not provide paid versions of open source software or any commercial services around the Open Source project (e.g. paid support, consulting, etc);
  • The project maintainers are not funded by commercial companies or organizations (NGO, educational, research, or governmental).
  • The project maintainers do not pay their core project developers.

Support terms

  • Free subscriptions are provided only to project leads and core project committers.
  • Free subscriptions are valid for one year and can be renewed if your project still meets the support program requirements.
  • You may use free subscriptions solely for developing non-commercial open source projects.
  • You may not share free subscriptions with any third parties. logo

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